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    Roedean Academy pupils with Sandi
    Changing Lives through Education

    Roedean Academy is an initiative spearheaded by Roedean School (SA) that aims to provide additional tuition for scholars from under-resourced schools. It is a donor-funded initiative and has been running successfully since its inception in 2009.

    The Academy provides extra tuition and access to high quality on-line resources in Mathematics, Physical Science and English to potentially achieving pupils from inner-city Johannesburg schools. Besides the academic focus, the Academy also provides support to the pupils in the form of counselling, eye testing and food aid, when required. In non-Covid times we organise study and leadership camps.  In addition, there is a Next Step programme whereby assistance is given to matric girls in finding tertiary opportunities.

    The overarching aim of the Academy is to encourage talented girls to thrive academically and to open doors of opportunity for them. Several of the Academy’s past students have been awarded full bursaries for tertiary education. Other girls have gone on to study education with a view to becoming teachers. These girls have been able to use the platform of the Academy to launch the start of successful careers. The Academy can change lives; each pupil receives individual care and attention, and although the resulting development is difficult to measure accurately, it is inspiring to witness.

    A Blooming Affair 2019 donated R100,000 to Roedean Academy.  In 2020 we donated R50,000 to Roedean Academy.

    Linking Community & Literacy

    The Link @ Yeoville commenced in May 2010 under the guidance of Margi Bashall and is one of 9 Link Centres operating in schools in the Johannesburg area.

    The primary objective of The Link @ Yeoville is to support the development of Literacy and Maths, particularly amongst Grade 2 children. Yeoville Community School is a very under-resourced government school consisting of approximately 1000 children from the impoverished Yeoville and Berea areas. Pupils attending our programme are identified through the use of benchmark testing, both prior to and during the programme, to evaluate their progress, identify problems and further improve the Literacy and Maths programs’ intervention.

    Approximately 60 children attend the Literacy Centre once or twice a week. These children are assisted by a group of approximately 48 volunteers. Volunteers are integral to the Literacy programme as they assist children on a one-to-one basis.

    If our volunteers come from all walks of life, they believe in South Africa’s future and are willing to help make a difference in education.

    A Blooming Affair 2019 donated R30,000 to The Link Literacy Project.

    1st Things 1st logo
    1st THINGS 1st
    Enriching young minds

    The vision of 1st Things 1st is to enrich young minds, enabling future success by preparing learners for high school, and in particular, Matric and tertiary education. Their mission is to provide an integrated student enrichment programme in a safe, uplifting, challenging, disciplined and fun environment, calling for excellence in everyone.

    1st Things 1st enhances Mathematics, Literacy, Science, Technology, Art, Drama, Music and Sports.  It believes in developing well-rounded, high-performing children that can express themselves, are responsive and can adapt to any situation.

    1st Things 1st also offers life coaching and entrepreneurship training because they believe that these skills are needed to fully enable the children’s future success beyond the Matric certificate. 1st Things 1st believe that children need an environment where their individual needs can be met and where they feel appreciated and celebrated.

    Classes are fully supervised and guided by a strong and caring leadership team, and are held after school, on Saturdays, and during the school holidays while the parents are at work.

    A Blooming Affair 2019 donated R15,000 to 1st Things 1st.

    Providing Access Assistance

    A Blooming Affair 2019 donated R50,000 to The Roedean School Access Awards Fund.

    Roedean School logo

    Donations from A Blooming Affair 2018

    Ceremonial hand over of cheques to the beneficiaries of the funds raised at A Blooming Affair in 2018.

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